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​Church ministry
Chruch missionary

​China (missionary dispatch)

​Gongunbang Evangelist


Prayer topic

·May China's Three-Party Church and Family Church truly unite to expand the kingdom of God in one heart

·May all the saints of the Gospel Church be filled with the Holy Spirit, and let them know, fear, and long for the real Lord

·May the Gospel Church become a military church of Christ and a church that completes its mission according to God's call

·May the ego of the pastor of the church be broken and broken so that the Lord's holy wrong is broken and fueled by the Holy Spirit and become a pastor who only honors the Lord

​Uganda (cooperative mission)

​ Seong-Im Choi



prayer requests

·To ensure that everything necessary for children's ministry is filled

·To help children meet Jesus

​Japan (missionary dispatch)

​ Ahn Bong-hwa



prayer requests

·may Japan's Jesus Life International Church (Ahn Bong-hwa Missionary) become an outpost that transforms the Japanese land

·may the Word live in history because of the strong presence of the Holy Spirit, the history of the Holy Spirit occurs strongly, and the church is obedient and done

·may the Lord's soldiers be prepared to be used as churches in Japan (Chinese, Japanese, and Korean)

·may the Lord's grace and wisdom to the interpreters of the Japanese video so that the textbooks of the Japanese Christ's military training course can be corrected and printed smoothly

·Fulfill all needs as a pioneer church

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