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Introduction to Christ's Army Training Academy
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​​Greetings from the school principal

Bless all the Christians who aspire to be a soldier of Christ, in the name of the Lord, and welcome all those who apply to the Christ.'s Army Training Academy 

In this current era, we are living in a crucial time where we must be prepared as the army of the Lord, readying the way for His coming. As prophesied in Joel, the latter rain revival is imminent, and only those prepared as the army of the Lord will be able to partake in the great harvest work. This is because the grand harvest of this era requires frequent signs and wonders to occur, and those not adequately trained in faith will be unable to accomplish such tasks. Therefore, Christ's Army Training Academy focuses on training individuals with such faith. We pray that all of you will be trained as strong soldiers of Christ, using powerful faith, and become miraculous individuals who will complete the great harvest of this era. - Son Sunmi, Kim Cheon-gyam -

"I extend the grace and love of the Lord to all the dedicated trainees who are diligently focusing on their training at the Christ's Army Training Academy. When I was serving as a missionary in China, the Lord bestowed upon me a vision to 'train 130,000 harvest workers.' Through this vision, the Lord expanded my heart, conveying the message that 'people worldwide are one family in Jesus.' 


And in this era when the Lord's second coming is near, he ordered, "Training the next generation of youth and chosen people as Christ's soldiers." So our one-family community began the Army Training Academy of Christ in the fall of 2017 to comply with the Lord's orders.


Christ's Army Training Academy is a very special institution that trains a miraculous army preparing for the final great harvest revival. Even when writing the main textbook, there was a special guidance and anointing from the Lord, and not only that, but also during the filming of the 52 video lectures teaching the content of the textbook, there was a special anointing and guidance from the Holy Spirit.


Now that the trainees are training hard, I confess that all this is the Lord's grace. In the meantime, the detailed process has been developed more and more under the guidance of the Lord during the training of Christ's army training academy, and I am grateful to see the trainees taking the training more seriously. 


I hope all of you will be the Lord's servant who longs for you very much and saves your face. So I pray earnestly for you to become a real soldier who is used as your army at the time of great harvest. May your grace and peace be full on all of you. I love you all and bless you!

Pastor Cheon-gyeom Kim, Missionary Seon-mi Son, Evangelist Jin Kim

​- ​Pastor Kim Cheon-gyeom, Missionary Son Seon-mi, Evangelist Jin Kim -

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​Introduction to army training academy


The Christ's Army Training Academy is a place of training where individuals study and practice the denial of self through the foundation of God's Word, the Bible, the grace of the Holy Spirit, and the revelation of the new creation that comes through the cross. It aims to train individuals to grow as soldiers preparing for the maturity of Christ and the way for the Lord's coming. The training consists of weekly local gatherings and individual training (assignments) during the week. Missionary Son Seonmi leads the training, utilizing instructional videos, textbooks, workbooks, and a army training confession prayer book as study materials.

​Trainingㆍcompletion course

Trainers enter the training academy and gather once a week for 26 weeks of training in each region where they currently reside. They focus on training by sharing practical questions based on listening to army training videos during local group meetings, encouraging and encouraging each other.

​​Training period

​26 weeks from training start date (total 6 months)

​Admission qualifications

To be eligible for admission, you must watch all 1 to 52 videos of Christ's Army Training Course on YouTube once, and then you can apply to join the Army Training Academy. (Honestly, before God)

the course from the beginning to the end of the training

​1. Army training application stage

1. Watch all videos of Lessons 1 - 52 of Christ's Army Training Course on YouTube.

2. Apply for online army training on the Internet world Family Church website

3. Individual contact and assignment to platoon leader at army training headquarters / invitation to group chat room

4. Start training and watch orientation lecture

​2. Army training progress stage

1. doing homework every day

2. Training inspection meeting once a week (intensive training, sharing questions applied to small group meetings)

3. Listen to 2 lessons every week

4. Workbook inspection evaluation once every three months

​3. army training graduation stage

​1. Evaluation of graduation status after checking workbook

2. Graduation ceremony held once a year

Army training academy vision

Army Training Academy Vision

First, mission: train Christians all over the world as soldiers of Christ.

Second, value: prepares Christians as miracle ministers  and bride of Christ at the great harvest.

Third, strategy: Extend the military training schools of Christ around the world to train locals as soldiers of Christ.

Fourth, Vision: The warriors of faith prepared at the time of the last great harvest rise and lead to great revival, becoming the priest of the Lord, wait for the Lord's second coming.

Statement of Faith (Christ's Army Statement of Faith)

First, we as Christ's soldiers give our lives for Jesus Christ, our army leader.

Second, we practice and train our lives of faith and miracles like warriors of faith who graduated from the entire military training course of Christ's military training school.

Third, as Christ's soldiers, we train a life that obeys the orders of our master, Jesus Christ, and denies ourselves every day.

Fourth, as Christ's soldiers, we practice a biblical church life that shows the world a living church where Jesus is the head.

Fifth, as Christ's soldiers, we use and train the authority and power of God's son hidden in the complete gospel completed through Jesus' cross and resurrection.

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